The American Society of Dermatopathology


About ASDP

The American Society of Dermatopathology was founded in 1962 to improve the quality of dermatopathology and the treatment of skin diseases.

To improve quality of lives by continually advancing the theory and practice of Dermatopathology.
Value Premise
The ASDP serves as the hub of professional knowledge in the practice of Dermatopathology; promoting advances in the field, developmental opportunities, a platform for vigorous debate, and tools to share best practices among fellow practitioners.
Reduce the burden of skin disease by promoting an accurate and efficient Dermatopathologic diagnosis for everyone.

ASDP History

Meet the pioneers of dermatopathology who formed the American Society of  Dermatopathology. ASDP's Founders

ASDP History
ASDP's history is described in this 1993 article published in the Journal of Cutaneous Pathology. Read more.

Video History
Interviews about some of the early acheivements and milestones in dermatopathology and ASDP. Watch now.


The Future

During the 2012 ASDP Annual Meeting, we interviewed some of the leaders of the society and learned what they think is the future of dermatopathology. Watch now.

What is a Dermatopathologist?

Dermatopathologists are physicians who after completing their training in either dermatology or pathology pursued additional training in accredited programs for the interpretation of skin biopsies. These physicians integrate the clinical information with microscopic observations of the biopsy from the patient to provide diagnostic information to the treating physician. Dermatopathology is a consultative service to the referring dermatologist and not simply a laboratory test. The accurate microscopic interpretation of the biopsy is important in the selection of appropriate therapies.

Meet ASDP's Corporate Partners

The American Society of Dermatopathology gratefully acknowledges its Corporate Sponsors. Their generous support of ASDP makes it possible for us to provide access to educational and scientific events and activities to as many dermatopathologists and dermatopathologists-in-training as possible. Meet the Corporate Partners.