The American Society of Dermatopathology

Founders' Award

Established by The American Society of Dermatopathology in 1983 in honor of the Founding Members of the Society, this endowed award is conceived to recognize individuals who have made outstanding original and significant contributions to the field of dermatopathology.

Congratulations to the 2020 Founders’ Award Recipient

Joan Guitart, MD
Professor of Dermatology and Pathology. Director of the Dermatopathology Unit, Multidisciplinary Cutaneous Lymphoma Clinic and Co-Director of the NIH-funded Skin Disease Research Center Pathology Core

Dr. Guitart’s research is largely focused on cutaneous lymphomas ranging from epidemiology, molecular and pathology studies. He is past-president of the International Society of Cutaneous Lymphomas and the Chicago Dermatological Society, and former chair of the Scientific Assembly Committee of the American Academy of Dermatology.  His leadership roles in the field includes organizing large multicenter studies that resulted in refining and redefining our understanding of various lymphomas and precursor lesions, mostly focusing on cytotoxic lymphomas. He also proposed defining criteria and description of numerous poorly understood conditions unified under the rubric of cutaneous T-cell dyscrasias as a concept that includes conditions like parapsoriasis, follicular mucinosis and atypical lymphocytic lobular panniculitis. More recently his group has focused research in exploring the genomic landscape of cutaneous lymphomas, in particular follicular B-cell lymphoma, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and cytotoxic T-cell lymphoma. Dr. Guitart’s team was one of the first to identify the high level of staphylococcal colonization in mycosis fungoides suggesting decolonization as a key treatment intervention. Their observation that CD4+ CTCL progression is accelerated by staphylococcal infections is presently being investigated by his team as they explore the microbiome of various CTCL subtypes. His team also reported a high incidence of GI tract pathology and autoimmunity in marginal zone lymphomas and androgenetic alopecia in follicular B-cell lymphomas and they recently completed a large series of CD30 lymphoproliferative disorders with emphasis on defining the natural course of the disease and comorbidities of all lymphomatoid papulosis subtypes.  

Past Recipients of the Founders' Award

2019 Philip H. McKee, MD, FRCPath
2018 James W. Patterson, MD
2017 Clifton R. White, MD
2016 Christopher R. Shea, MD
2015 Lorenzo Cerroni, MD
2014 Thomas D. Horn, MD
2013 Dirk M. Elston, MD
2012 Ronald P. Rapini, MD
2011 Raymond L. Barnhill, MD
2010 Daniel J. Santa Cruz, MD
2009 Antoinette F. Hood, MD
2008 Jag Bhawan, MD
2007 Wilma F. Bergfeld, MD, FACP
2006 Ronald J. Barr, MD
2005 David D. Weedon, AO, MD, FRCPA
2004 Philip E. LeBoit, MD
2003 Ernst H. Beutner, PhD
2002 John C. Maize, MD
2001 Franz M. Enzinger, MD
2000 Waine C. Johnson, MD
1999 Loren E. Golitz, MD
1998 Martin C. Mihm, Jr., MD
1997 Edward Wilson Jones, FRCP, FRCPath
1996 John R. Haserick, MD
1995 Herbert Z. Lund, MD
1993 Richard J. Reed, MD
1992 John T. Headington, MD
1991 Robert G. Freeman, MD
1990 James H. Graham, MD
1989 A. Bernard Ackerman, MD
1988 Wallace H. Clark, Jr., MD
1987 Richard K. Winkelmann, MD
1986 Walter F. Lever, MD
1985 Elson B. Helwig, MD
1984 Hermann Pinkus, MD