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Omar P. Sangüeza, MD

Immediate Past President

Omar P. Sangüeza, MD was born in La Paz, Bolivia. Following graduation from San Calixto High School, he began his medical studies at the Universidad Mayor de San Andres also in La Paz and later transferred to the Universidad Literaria in Valencia, Spain, where he received his M.D. and studied dermatology.

From 1987-1991 he completed a residency in pathology at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon, followed by a year as the Holtzman Fellow in dermatopathology working with the late A. Bernard Ackerman, MD in New York.

Following brief tenures in Oregon and at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Dr. Sangüeza became a professor and director of Dermatopathology at Wake Forest University Medical Center where he remains today. At Wake, Dr. Sangüeza oversees the Fellowship program and has trained more than one-hundred national and international fellows in dermatopathology. In addition Dr. Sangüeza has instituted an international fellowship training for dermatologists and pathologists from different parts of the world. In 2014, Dr. Sangüeza was awarded the Walter R. Nickel Award for Excellence in Teaching of Dermatopathology. He served for six years as the Secretary/Treasurer and President of the International Society of Dermatopathology. In 2019 he was awarded the President’s Medal at the International Colloquim of Dermatopathology in Lisbon, Portugal.  He was also elected to the Board of Directors of the American Society of Dermatopathology from 2010-2013. He was elected President of the International Committee for Dermatopathology from 2014-16. He is the current Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Dermatopathology. He has been an invited lecturer throughout the world and authored more than 200 publications. He has also published several books ib Dermatopathology. Dr. Sangüeza, who is the current president, was elected President-Elect in 2018. 

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