The American Society of Dermatopathology

Logging into Your ASDP Account

We are happy to announce that ASDP has completed the migration to the new and improved ‎member platform. After you set up your account using these instructions, all future access to the ‎platform will be accessible through the ASDP website. ‎We are confident you will enjoy the user-‎friendly system to renew your membership, register for ‎events, make purchases and so much ‎more.‎
For security purposes, you will need to create a new account for your ASDP membership profile. ‎Don’t worry, all of your legacy data has migrated to this new platform however, your ‎old password ‎will no longer work so it’s important to create your new account as soon as possible.‎ Once you’ve ‎established your new account, take a moment to peruse the platform, get familiar and update your ‎demographic information. ‎
Accessing the platform and creating your new account:‎
‎1.‎ Navigate to
‎2.‎ Click “Set Up an Account”‎
Note: Do not click “Log In” or use the “forgot password” function. It will not work until your ‎account is set up and a ‎password is created in the new system.‎ 
‎3.‎ Enter the email address associated with your original ASDP account
Note: You may change your email address and any contact information after your account is set ‎up, during your review of your demographic data.‎
‎4.‎ Enter a password for your account
‎5.‎ Enter your first and last name and click “Set Up”‎
‎6.‎ You will be sent a verification email and should click the verification link in order to ‎continue the account set up process
Note: If you do not receive a verification email, check your spam folders and with your IT ‎department to make sure it’s not blocked by your institution’s security protocols.‎
‎7.‎ Now, you can log in with your email address and new password:
Or, you can log in using the ASDP website, “My ASDP” menu option. ‎
‎8.‎ Once logged in, please verify that your demographics and contact information are up to ‎‎date
  • You will automatically be prompted to do this the first time you log in to the portal.‎
  • You can also do this by clicking “My Profile” and then “Manage My Profile” from ‎the portal’s ‎main navigation menu.‎
  • In the profile update process, you will be asked to select your member type from the ‎drop-down menu. If you do not recall your member type please contact [email protected]
‎Note: If your member type is First Year in Practice Associate, First Year in Practice ‎Fellow, Honorary Fellow, or Honorary Associate, please select the corresponding ‎member type provided below for your profile information:‎

First Year in Practice Associate – Select Associate Member ‎
First Year in Practice Fellow – Select Fellow Member
Honorary Associate - Select Associate Member
Honorary Fellow – Select Fellow Member

  • To ensure accurate company and institutional records, ASDP did not import your ‎‎organization’s name. When you first login to the portal, please provide your current ‎company or institution’s ‎name. Please be sure to type this as accurately as ‎possible. This will help your colleagues associate ‎themselves with the same ‎company or institution as they login and activate their accounts. ‎
‎9.‎ To add your organization’s name, start typing in the “Organization” box on your profile ‎page. If you ‎find any potential matches as you type, you can choose to associate yourself ‎with that existing ‎record. Or, you can choose to add a new organization record, as shown ‎here:‎
When possible, we encourage you to associate yourself with an existing organization ‎record. This will ‎help ASDP build a roster of members who belong to the same ‎organization. ‎
‎  ‎
‎10.‎ In the future, after you have set up and updated your ASDP member profile, you will be ‎able to access your profile using the ASDP website. Please note changes to ‎your profile may take up to 30 minutes to appear online.‎
Email ‎[email protected].