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2015 Program Year Attestation Batch Upload Specifications Now Available on EHR Website

CMS has updated the EHR Incentive Programs Attestation Batch Upload page with the Attestation Batch Upload Specifications for 2015 program year attestation. These specifications include both CSV and XML data mapping options for the batch upload of the attestation information.
Attestations for the 2015 program year will be accepted for all Medicare eligible professionals, eligible hospitals, and critical access hospitals (CAHs) from January 4, 2016 through February 29, 2016. All Medicaid program participants should refer to their State Medicaid offices for more information on attestation timeframes for the 2015 program year.
More Information about Attestation Batch Upload
Eligible professionals, surrogates for multiple eligible professionals, or an authorized official for eligible hospitals have the option to upload attestations using a batch file. However, each provider type, stage number, and measure category combinations require a separate batch file. When choosing to attest via batch upload, each category must be complete.
The following combinations are allowed:
  • Clinical Quality Measures Only
  • Meaningful Use Objectives Only
  • Meaningful Use Objectives and Clinical Quality Measures
For detailed instructions, visit the Attestation Batch Upload page on the EHR Incentive Programs website.