The American Society of Dermatopathology


Resident Membership

Resident applicants must:
  • be currently enrolled in a dermatology or pathology residency program accredited by the ACGME (or its equivalent if such prospective member resides outside of the United States);
  • submit written documentation from the current program director or registrar's office verifying such residency (Resident Status Verification Form);
  • be licensed to practice medicine in a state, territory, or province of competent jurisdiction; and
  • acknowledge that conferral of Resident membership does not imply that the Resident member will be qualified or admitted as an Associate member.

Resident membership automatically expires at the end of the fiscal year that coincides with the Resident member's expected completion date of residency, at which time the Resident member shall be eligible to apply for Fellow-in-Training member status.

Annual Dues
Membership dues in the amount of $40 are due upon application submittal and include an online subscription to the Journal of Cutaneous Pathology. A subscription to the printed version of the Journal can be purchased at the publisher’s rate for an additional $225 per year.

Apply for Membership

To complete an online application:

  1. Log into the ASDP membership portal at
  2. In the navigation, under Membership, select Join/Renew.
  3. Then select Join ASDP as a new member

Deadline for Submission of Applications

Applications and supporting materials are due by March 31, June 30, September 30 or December 31 of each year. Applications meeting the membership criteria stated in the bylaws and reviewed by the Membership Committee will be recommended for ratification by the ASDP Board of Directors. Application reviews are performed quarterly; in January, April, July and October.