The American Society of Dermatopathology

Attention String Players!

Are you a dermatopathologist and string player? If so, you are in luck!
We are in the process of forming a classical string quartet (or possibly other string ensemble configuration, pending interest) to perform at the ASDP 59th Meeting in Chicago! Our hope is that this evolves into an annual event at in-person ASDP meetings.
Participation requires:

  • Intention to attend the in-person component of the ASDP Annual Meeting in Chicago
  • Willingness to learn music independently and to attempt a few virtual rehearsals, as needed, before the meeting
  • Flexibility to rehearse on-site 1-2 times prior to the performance (Sat evening) at the ASDP Annual Meeting in Chicago
  • Experience with (and high degree of comfort with) playing in a string quartet or similar ensemble
  • Willingness to transport instrument and music stand to Annual ASDP Meeting in Chicago

This opportunity is open to ASDP meeting attendees only at this time. Depending on response, we may broaden the invitation to travel companions of ASDP members. If there is an unexpectedly high level of interest, we may not be able to accommodate all volunteers… but will try! 
If interested, please contact Julia Lehman with your instrument(s), a brief description of your experience/ability, and any music requests/suggestions (optional).