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Interactive Case Study - October 2016

90-year-old female with breast erythema and axillary lymphadenopathy

Joel Tjarks, MD; Douglas W. Lynch, MD

Question 1:

A 90-year-old female presented to her primary physician with breast tenderness and erythema. Axillary lymphadenopathy was found on physical exam, and the clinician was highly suspicious for inflammatory breast carcinoma.

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Figure 1. 4x

Figure 2. 20x

Figure 3. 20x

Figure 4. 60x

Figure 5. CD3

Figure 6. CD20

Figure 7. CD4

Figure 8. CD8

Figure 9. CD30

Figure 10. Axillary lymph node 4x

Figure 11. Axillary lymph node 10x

Figure 12. Axillary lymph node 20x

Figure 13. Axillary lymph node 60x

Figure 14. Axillary lymph node CD4

Figure 15. Axillary lymph node CD8

Figure 16. Axillary lymph node CD30

Figure 17. Axillary lymph node EBER

What is the best diagnosis?