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Interactive Case Study - October 2018

44-year-old with diffuse outbreak of blistering rash

Yang Li; Ilana Rosman, MD; Douglas Laurain, MD

Question 1:

A 44-year-old African American female presented to the office with approximately 2 months of multiple blisters, involving her abdomen, left ventral wrist, upper thighs and dorsal hands. The blisters were occasionally pruritic and had erupted within a few days of each other. Two punch biopsies of lesions on the right upper thigh were performed. Histopathology of lesional skin (Figures 1-3), and perilesional skin for DIF (Figure 4) reveal:

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Figure 1. 50x

Figure 2. 200x

Figure 3. 200x

Figure 4. DIF of IgA, 100x

Which of the following is the best diagnosis?