The American Society of Dermatopathology

Dermatopathology Fellowships

Dermatopathology Fellowship Application Cycle
for fellowships beginning July 2024
Dermatopathology fellowship training directors from across the nation have proposed using an internally devised timeline for applications to dermatopathology fellowship training programs that will begin in July 2024 in an effort to establish more uniformity and fairness for both fellowship applicants and fellowship programs. The programs listed below have agreed to the timeline for external applicants applying to their programs. Inclusion in this list does not guarantee a vacant fellowship position.*

This list is not an exhaustive list of available dermatopathology fellowship programs. All programs (regardless of participation in this timeline) are accessible to applicants by searching the ACGME website. It is the responsibility of applicants to confirm the timeline of application submission with the individual programs to which they are applying. 

This downloadable fellowship application was approved by a majority of Dermatopathology fellowship program directors and may be an acceptable application form for many of the programs in which you are interested in applying. Please contact individual programs to confirm that this application can be submitted. Each program may have institution-specific forms to submit as well during the application process. It is up to the applicant to ensure that the correct forms are submitted.

*Programs planning to offer a fellowship position to an internal candidate or other valid agreed upon reason for “opting out” may extend fellowship offers prior to the October 1, 2022 date mentioned below.

     • July - September 2022: programs accepting applications. 
        Programs may also accept applications after these dates.
     • August - November 2022: interviews. 
        Programs may also interview applicants after these dates.
     • October 3, 2022: for the 2024-2025 fellowship year (with 72 hours for applicants to accept/decline first
        offer) Offers may also be extended at any time AFTER this date, with applicants having at least 24 hours
        to accept/decline.
        ***Please note: It is the recommended guideline/practice that applicants only hold/consider one fellowship
        offer at  a time. Should an applicant receive >1 offer, the recommended practice would be that the     
       applicant should turn down the one they want the least while deciding to accept/decline the other.

Boston University School of Medicine
Brown University
Cleveland Clinic's Dermatopathology Fellowship
Geisinger Medical Center
Johns Hopkins University of Medicine Dermatopathology
Loyola University Medical Center
Oregon Health & Science University
Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
ProPath Dermatopathology
Saint Louis University
The Ohio State University
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
University of Chicago
University of Florida
University of Pennsylvania

University of South Florida, Morsani College of Medicine-Moffitt Cancer Center (internal fellow accepted for 2024-2025)
University of Texas, Medical Branch at Galveston
University of Vermont Medical Center

University of Washington