The American Society of Dermatopathology

Fellow In-Service Assessment (FISA)

What is FISA?

The Fellow In-Service Assessment (FISA) Program is designed to assess the progression of dermatopathology fellows during the duration of their fellowship. Two online assessments are released per academic year, one in the summer at the start of the fellowship (typically in August), followed by another assessment next spring (April).

Each assessment is a closed book exam and comprised of 50 questions with:

  • 35 virtual slide image questions
  • 5 clinical questions
  • 10 written questions

How Much Time is Given to Complete these Self-Assessments?

Fellows have three weeks to complete each self-assessment.

What Feedback is Provided to Fellows?

Participants and Training Directors receive exam results via email approximately two weeks after each assessment closes. Information provided in these emails includes:

  • Participant's individual score
  • Average score of all participants
  • Total score distribution
  • List of topics/subtopics covered on the exam 
  • List of participating programs

How Can I Register?

Registration for the FISA Program is coordinated with the Training Directors. If you are interested in participating in this program, ask your Training Director to contact Karen Zader at [email protected].

What is the Registration Fee?

The registration fee for this program is $275 per fellow. 

Additional Questions?

Contact ASDP.