The American Society of Dermatopathology

2016 ASDP Award Recipients

ASDP congratulates the recipients of the Duel in Dermatopathology Awards and the Physician-in-Training Awards.

17th Annual Duel in Dermatopathology Awards

1st Place
Mustafa Mohammad
Deficiency of Adenosine Deaminase 2 in a 13-Year-Old Female with Recurrent Ischemic Strokes, Vasculitis, and Livedo Racemosa
2nd Place 
Daniel Skipper
Cutaneous Granular Cell Angiosarcoma: A Rare Histologic Variant Closely Mimicking Benign Granular Cell Tumor
3rd Place - Tie   
Audrey Green
Galli-Galli Disease: A Rare Acantholytic Variant of Dowling-Degos Disease

Timothy Tan
Eccrine Syringofibroadenoma in Association with Acquired Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis


Physician-in-Training Awards

Fellows' Presentations

Best Case Presentation

John Scopetta  
A Subset of Melanocytic Nevi with Sclerosing and Epithelioid Features and Consistent Gain of Chromosome 15: A New Subtype of Spitz Nevus?

Best Study Presentation

Andy Hsi
STAT3 Gene Mutation and Enhanced STAT3 Phosphorylation is Detected in a Subset of Tumor Stage Mycosis Fungoides with Large Cell Transformation

Oral Abstract Presentations

Greg Cheeney
Increasing Concordance for Atypical Melanocytic Lesions Using NDER, a Novel Web Application
Jarish N. Cohen
Genomic Profile of Pigmented Epithelioid Melanocytic Lesions
Jonathan J. Lee
5-Hydroxymethylcytosine in Histologically Ambiguous, Heavily Pigmented Melanocytic Lesions: A Comparative Immunohistochemical, Retrospective Cohort Study


Poster Abstract Presentations

Ursula Lang
Rethinking Melanoma of Unknown Primary by Targeted Next Generation Sequencing: A Case of "Primary Melanoma of the Adrenal Gland"
Kelsey E. McHugh
Early Versus Late Metastic Recurrence in Melanoma: Nature Beats Nuture

Addie Walker
Value of Dermatopathologist Consultation for Non-neoplastic Vulvar Biopsies: A Review of 378 Cases from a Tertiary Referral Center



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